Safe Ripe™ (Ripening Gas Generator)

Koldware Safe-Ripe™ Ethylene Gas Generator provides a reliable, economical method for ripening & de-greening fruits. The machine generates the ripening gas with clean and high purity so it is safe with no side effects. Mostly fruits & vegetables produce ethylene gas naturally during the ripening phase. By introducing ethylene gas into the ripening room under controlled time & temperature conditions, ripening time can be considerably reduced and even more ripening is obtained.


  • Easiest & Safest Perfect Solution for uniform ripening and de-greening of fruits.
  • Safe-Ripe™ provides non-pressurized and safe Ethylene / Ripening Gas based on Dimensions of Ripening Room, occupied room volume proportion and required level of Ethylene Concentration (ppm) in the room. These parameters are entered in the system through a High-Quality Color Resistive Touch-screen Console.
  • Ongoing progress of ethylene gas production is monitored and hence controlled by the Touch-screen Console installed with the Control Panel outside the Ripening Room which provides ease and safer access to the ripening of your valued fruits and avoid exposure of personnel with ethylene inside room.
  • Critical processes are carefully controlled and monitored with PLC and microprocessor technology.
  • Just pour ripening concentrate, provide the right power and the system is ready-to-go.
  • Resumes its working from the last state after power break down to avoid excessive feeding of ethylene to the ripening room


  • Centralized Control with High-Quality Color Resistive Touch-screen Console to monitor and control Ripening Room processes which may include;
  • Automated Ventilation Control and logging based on CO² concentration and set time intervals to refresh the environment and to avoid excessive levels of gases in room.
  • Temperature, Humidity, CO² and Ethylene monitoring and data logging.
  • Hi / Lo Temperature & Humidity Alarms and Room Door opening alarms & event logging.
  • Sync with Windows-based Computer to monitor and control system processes.
  • Remote monitoring and control of ripening room from anywhere in the world.

  • Ethylene is explosive at 27,000ppm; recommended to use our generator in rooms larger than 500ft³.

Tank Volume ≈ 2.5litres
Ethylene Output As per required concentration in the room (10 to 60ppm: ±5 — 10%, 61 to 150ppm:
±3 — 5%)
Minimum Room Volume 250ft³ (recommended minimum is 500ft3)
Operating Voltage / Power 220 VAC, 50Hz, Single Phase / 200W
Dimensions (L x W x H) Generator: 12" x 8" x 12", Control Panel: 12" x 8" x 12"
Dry Weight (packed) 15Kg (approx. ±5%)

S/No Produce Details Ethylene Concentration (ppm) Ethylene Exposure (hours) Ripening Temperature(°c) Store Temperature after ripening(°c)
1 Banana 100-150 24-48 15-18 13-14
2 Mango 100 24 20-22 10-13
3 Papaya 100 24-48 20-25 About at 7
4 Pears 100-150 24-72 18-22 About at 0° c
5 Tomato 100-150 24-48 18-20 12.5

Adela A.Kader Department of Plant Sciences. University of california , Davis , CA.