Sorting and Grading Machines

Koldware Industries (Pvt) Ltd., is the sole distributor of Sorting and Grading Machines of Greefa, Netherlands.
Greefa, nearly 60 years specialist in fruit and vegetable sorting, is a true family firm in terms of organization and culture and employs more than 190 persons at present. The high-quality sorting units for fruit and vegetables, which they develop and manufacture, have been installed all over the world. Greefa is a worldwide leader in the production of this type of equipment.

A large number of in-house developed and patented products have given Greefa a prominent position in the market. Unique systems and modules enable to offer solutions which combine multifunctional features, sorting requirements and ease of use. After all, no two sorting demands are alike and therefore neither are our solutions. The high quality of the systems is never under discussion, however.
Greefa can fulfill practically all major sorting requirements, such as sorting by size, color or weight. Our modules allow for measurement of both external and internal quality as well as detection of the firmness of the fruit.