• In 2011KOLDWARE INDUSTRIES celebrated its 25th anniversary. With the help of some of the most important milestones, you can follow Koldware’s growth towards the large group it has become today in Cold Chain industry throughout Pakistan.

  • 1959 Koldware Industries’ founder & owner, Mr. Hamid Ali, is born in the province of Sindh in Pakistan.
  • 1983 Mr. Hamid Ali started working in HVACR in Karachi, Pakistan.
  • 1986 Mr. Hamid Ali established a company and continued working with the name of THERMO TECH & POWER HI-TECH on Annual Maintenance Contracts & New Supplies & Installations of HVACR equipments, Electrical Works & Power Generation to different sectors in Sindh & Balochistan Provinces.
  • 1992 – 1993 The Company built its first Ice Builder, Water Chiller (Air-Cooled and Water-Cooled). THERMO TECH entered in Punjab market and was awarded a sub-contract for Electrical Works & Installation of Power Generators with Synchronizing system at Naspak Head Office, Lahore.
  • 1995 THERMO TECH manufactured its first Brine Tank for an Ice Cream (Kulfi) manufacturer in Karachi, Pakistan. The company became an associate member of Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry.
  • 1996 POWER HI-TECH started manufacturing Electronics AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) and ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) & AMF (Automatic Main Failure) Panels for Power Generators.
  • 1997 In late 1997, THERMO TECH started working for Cold Chain industry as a contractor for Supply, Installation and Repair Maintenance of Cold Stores & Reefers.
  • 2000 THERMO TECH after having good response and customers’ confidence & support setup a production facility in Karachi, Pakistan for manufacturing of Refrigeration System, Polyurethane Sandwich Panels, Floor Insulation & Insulated Doors in Karachi, Pakistan.
  • 2002 The company manufactured its first Reefer (Refrigerated Vehicle) for a pharmaceutical distributor in Karachi, Pakistan.
  • 2005 THERMO TECH continued the production of Cold Chain related products with the name of KOLDWARE INDUSTRIES (KWI) with an addition of Design & Plan Consultancy services. The group opened its Sales & Customer Support Office in Lahore, Pakistan.
  • 2006 The company manufactured and supplied its Air Ventilation System with Air Purification & Humidity Control system alongwith the Air-Conditioning, Ducting and Cold Store works to Coca Cola Beverages Pakistan Ltd, Rahim Yar Khan.
  • 2007 KOLDWARE INDUSTRIES joined hands with Institute of Horticultural Sciences, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad (Pakistan) in ASLP Project for Research on Mangoes and supported the university in establishment of Postharvest & Medicinal Plants Lab by Donating two Ripening Chambers for Mangoes. KWI supplied & installed the largest Cold Store in Pakistan of storage capacity up to 3,185.40MT with Dehumidification System and state-of-the-art safeties & controls at Seed Plant, Pioneer Pakistan Seed Limited, Sahiwal (Pakistan) – a subsidiary of Dupont.
  • 2008 KOLDWARE INDUSTRIES got associated with HwaSung Thermo Co. Ltd., a reputed Reefer Refrigeration Units manufacturer from South Korea, as their Distributor in the territory of Pakistan and also with Sensatronics LLC, USA (Data Loggers’ Suppliers and manufacturers) as their Reseller.
  • 2009 KOLDWARE INDUSTRIES joined hands with Alfa Laval – a world leader in heat transfer, centrifugal separation and fluid handling as their Exclusive Distributor in Pakistan for their Refrigeration Business and also included Controlled Atmosphere (CA) Equipments by Van Amerongen CA Technology B.V. from the Netherlands (the worldwide no. 1 in CA technology for storage of fruit and vegetables) .
  • 2010 KOLDWARE INDUSTRIES expanded its product portfolio by including Sorting & Grading Machines and joined hands with Greefa from the Netherlands (a worldwide reputed specialist in the field of sorting fruit and vegetables) as their Exclusive Distributor in Pakistan. KWI also expanded its portfolio by including imported products and getting associated with Rautaruukki Corporation – a Finnish company for Insulated Sandwich Panels and Building Materials from their Romania Plant and Best Quality Cold Store & Industrial Doors from Infraca s.l., Spain Company became an corporate identity was registered with Security Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) as KOLDWARE INDUSTRIES (PRIVATE) LIMITED.
  • 2011 The group celebrated its 25years of excellence in the field of HVACR and continues its portfolio expansion and innovation by manufacturing & supplying of its first Ultrasonic Humidifiers (capable to produce mist as small as 1µm), Ethylene Gas Absorbers (for lowering the rate of fruits & vegetables ripening in Cold Stores) and Portable Cooler (for Field Heat Removal at Farm for fruits & vegetables) fitted with Power Generator on Wheel Based Trolley to Winrock – PACCD for their project in Quetta, Pakistan as the first manufacturer of these products in Pakistan. KWI expanded its presence by opening Sales & Customer Support Center in Sargodha, Pakistan.
  • 2012 KOLDWARE INDUSTRIES launched its first locally manufactured Ethylene (Ripening) Gas Generator using state-of-the-art technology based on Microprocessor for precise application of Ripening of fruits & vegetables and is continuously engaged in R&D for new & improved innovative products for the industry.


To be the first choice in Cold Chain Solution Providers, the global benchmark in customer service & quality and at the forefront of technologies that will enhance the way we live.


We commit ourselves to high standards of integrity in contributing to the best interests of our customers, employees, communities and nation based on the continual pursuit of technological and operational excellence. Our goal is to be recognized nationally and internationally as the most accomplished and respected company in Cold Chain industry.