Water Tank

Koldware Industries (Pvt) Ltd. Provides hot water dipping tank. The water tank is made of stainless steel in order to avoid rusting. Pakistan is one of the largest producers of mangoes which are known world over for their quality, aroma and taste. Reportedly about 100,000 ton of mangoes are exported from Pakistan annually. Due to presence of certain post harvest diseases and insects like anthracnose, stem-end rot and fruit fly, export of mango islimited.

In order to reach high end markets of the World (China, Iran, Japan, Australia, New zeland) the mangoes of Pakistan must meet WTO/HACCP/ISO and SPS requirements. For the said purpose, quarantine of mangoes through physical or chemical treatment is essentially required. Chemical treatment face severe restrictions from different countries, therefore, physical methods such as hot water treatment (HWT), vapour heat treatment (VHT) and irradiation are preferred. Among the physical methods of quarantine, HWT is most economic and safe.

The HWT procedure consist of dipping/immersion of freshly harvested mangoes in hot water at 45-55ºC for 3 to 75 minute depending on type of disease/insect, variety and fruit size. After dipping/immersion of the mangoes in hot water, mangoes are dried and processed for packing.