KOLDWARE INDUSTRIES (Pvt) Ltd. is involved in the field of HVACR and serving the nation since 1986. We are, Alhamdulillah, one of the leading manufacturers of Cold Stores, Reefer truck / trailer / van bodies & allied products (including Polyurethane Insulated Sandwich Panels, Cold Store Doors – Hinged, Sliding & Sectional / Dock, their accessories) and the ONLY Manufacturers of Ultrasonic Industrial Humidifiers, Ethylene Gas (Ripening Gas) Generators & Ethylene Absorbers in Pakistan. We, with the Grace of Almighty Allah have attained a huge number of satisfied clients. Our keen knowledge of the Cold Storage industry has helped us develop solutions that answer the needs of today’s clients. We specialize in complete Slaughter House and Fruits & Vegetables processing / export projects Cold Chain solutions.

Having based ourselves on the needs of providing Quality perishable and temperature-sensitive commodities to local and international markets, we are proud to be associated with Van Amerongen CA Technology B.V., The Netherlands, Greefa, The Netherlands, Alfa Laval Spa, Italy, Ruukki Romania S.r.l., Romania and Infraca s.l., Spain as their Exclusive Distributor in Pakistan.

Our Products

Polyurethane Insulated Sandwich Panels

We use a variety of insulated wall and ceiling panels dependent upon the specific client needs and budget. Whether refrigerated or non-refrigerated, the panels we use will exceed your requirement and provide the best insulation value for your investment.

Refrigeration Systems

As with every aspect of the design, our refrigeration design centers on your budget, need, and schedule. We have experience in every type of refrigeration system installed for today’s applications. For freon systems this includes split systems,

Walk In Chillers & Freezers

In commercial refrigeration, “Polyurethane” is proved as the best insulation in the World. Our panels are CFC free. The “Polyurethane” is injected by high/low pressure system which ensures closed cell density and highest dimensional stability of the product.

Blast Chiller and Freezer

Quite large variety of Polyurethane insulated doors (Hinges and Sliding) are available to suite customer’s requirement with high quality fittings and other accessories (safety release handles, gaskets, aluminum or stainless steel railing, etc.)

Hot Water Tank

Koldware Industries (Pvt) Ltd. Provides hot water dipping tank. The water tank is made of stainless steel in order to avoid rusting. Pakistan is one of the largest producers of mangoes which are known world over for their quality, aroma and taste.

Safe Ripe™ (Ripening Gas Generator)

Koldware Safe-Ripe™ Ethylene Gas Generator provides a reliable, economical method for ripening & de-greening fruits. The machine generates the ripening gas with clean and high purity so it is safe with no side effects. Mostly fruits

Refrigerated Container Truck & Van

Koldware Industries (Pvt) Ltd. is the only company that will work with you on each step of the process to ensure you have the ideal refrigerated van and most comfortable working conditions for your personnel. We provides the size ranges

Easy Fog (Ultrasonic Industrial Humidifier)

Use the integrated atomization cassette mechanism and switching power supply. Due their non-mechanical design there is no noise by the system. High Atomization Efficiency. Small atomized particles with diameter of about 1 ~ 5μm.

Controlled Atmosphere CA Stores

Vegetables and fruit respire; they take in oxygen (O2) and give off carbon dioxide (CO2). The storage of fruit and vegetables in a gas-tight environment allows the oxygen level in the air to be lowered and the level of CO2 to increase.

Sorting & Grading Machine

Koldware Industries (Pvt) Ltd., is the sole distributor of Sorting and Grading Machines of Greefa Netherlands. Greefa, nearly 60 years specialist in fruit and vegetable sorting, is a true family firm in terms of organization and culture

Solar Tunnel Dryer (Easy DRY)

Solar drying happens to be one of the most rapidly increasing technologies for drying food crops. Koldware Industries (Pvt) Ltd. offers the most amazing solar drying tunnels which can be installed at your premises and which can help you dry crops.

Fruit Ripening Chamber

We installed Ripening Chamber which is designed bottom up to maintain the precise conditions required by each specific application. Factors such as humidity, temperature, ventilation, and specific gas emission levels within each


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