Polyurethane Insulated Sandwich Panels

We use a variety of insulated wall and ceiling panels dependent upon the specific client needs and budget. Whether refrigerated or non-refrigerated, the panels we use will exceed your requirement and provide the best insulation value for your investment.

We are able to offer a variety of styles, lengths, thickness, composition, and fastening systems that best fits your requirement. We consider panel manufacturing location as it relates to your project location to minimize the transportation cost associated with panel procurement.

We make panels in varying thickness, each with many intended uses. These typically range from 2” to 8” or as per requirement of our client, however, other thickness are available upon request. We select the correct thickness for your use to maximize your insulation and investment.

We use highest quality of Polyurethane which is CFC free that significantly reduces ozone depleting effects to (on) the Earth's atmosphere and also use a foam-in-place continuous line panel manufacturing process that ensures is (is?) superior panel with consistently high quality.

Panel skins or the metal sides of the panel range in thickness from 22swg to 26 swg (spacing). They have a variety of metal finishes from flat to corrugated to those with vertical lines. All are beneficial to a variety of uses and we select those that will best fit your use.

Our panels vary in their fastening systems. Some are tongue-in-groove with cam lock system; while still others have a cam lock connected by an internal steel band. In any case, we select the panel with the fastening system that matches your need.

Panel Finishes:

The panels we use come in a variety of colors, facings, and materials. Our material selections include galvanized, Plastisol, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, and others. The facings can be smooth, striated, corrugated, and others. These finishes are designed for interior or exterior use, dependent (depending) upon your application. All are used in food storage beverage and processing applications.

Panel lengths can be customized, typically come in lengths from 6' to 40 feet.