Refrigeration System

Koldware Industries (Pvt) Ltd., is the sole distributor of Refrigeration System of Alfa laval, Italy.

As with every aspect of the design, our refrigeration design centers on your budget, need, and schedule. We have experience in every type of refrigeration system installed for today’s applications. For freon systems this includes split systems, self contained systems, packaged systems, and parallel rack systems.

Our engineers will objectively and accurately size the refrigeration based upon your product load, its incoming temperature (BTU’s), the time allowed to bring the product to the target temperature, number of people working in the environment, light fixtures in the space and their operating times, defrost methods and cycle times, your average ambient temperature and anticipated heat infiltration, square footage of walls and ceiling, and other common factors that contribute to the required refrigeration load. If you do not have the product load information, our consulting group can get this information out of your operation.



Many clients do not want the refrigeration equipment mount the refrigeration equipment off their roof. We solve that situation easily with our custom enclosures. These enclosures can be anything from fenced-in areas with open air and restricted access to totally enclosed with siding to match your building. They are designed to blend in with its surroundings, yet be fully functional for the equipment. Let our engineers and designers create an enclosure to meet your needs.

Mechanical Enclosure

Non Refrigerated Structures

With the cost and tight schedules of today’s construction, many designers are beginning to consider the use of insulated panels versus simple brick, block & mortar, tilt-up, or pre-engineered metal building construction.

The reason behind this move is simple.
  • Speed of construction: Cam-lock system saves the lot of time.
  • Cost: In most markets, insulated panels and all necessary parts associated with their construction will cost less than conventional construction. If supported by storage rack in lieu of a steel superstructure, it can be considered a rack supported building and depreciated as equipment resulting in improved cash flow.
  • Ease of expansion: Rather than building knock out panels or removing a block wall, these panels are simply relocated. Little is wasted and once again the speed with which the task can be completed is much less than conventional construction.
  • Housekeeping: Housekeeping is a necessary cost for those operations that require a clean environment. Anything that can be designed into the facility to minimize the time needed for housekeeping offers a direct payback. Utilizing insulated panels in lieu of conventional wall construction facilitates the cleaning process.
  • Temperature control in hot climates: Most dry warehouses/distribution facilities are either not cooled or minimally cooled. Using insulated panels in place of conventional wall construction offers a far superior insulating factor.
  • Temperature control in cool climates: Insulated panels offer a uniform insulation around the entire facility. In pre-engineered metal buildings, the insulation is compressed by the superstructure thereby minimizing any insulation factor. We can design the facility using panels to fit your need, schedule, and budget.