System Specifications

KOLDWARE COLD STORAGE systems are made in accordance with the specifications that you select for meeting your business requirements. Whether your requirement is for cool environment, or freezing temperatures, our product will deliver your specific needs. Refrigeration System is contained in galvanized steel housing for all weather protection with a control panel for all electrical and electronic components. Condensing Unit is equipped with a new hermetic or semi-hermitic compressor motor manufactured by COPELAND or equal quality. Each unit is supplied with a crankcase heater, liquid line with filter drier and sight glass, suction line with filter, receiver with fusible plug and shutoff valve, compressor start kit for single units, contactor for three phase units, high / low pressure control. For freezers a time clock is also provided. All condensing units are employed with R-134A high & medium, R-22 for medium and R-404A for low temperature application, and are engineered to operate under ambient temperature of 110 degrees Fahrenheit. Condensing units are shipped with a holding charge of dry nitrogen. Evaporator Unit is constructed of a rust free aluminum housing consisting of scattered copper tubes expanded into corrugated aluminum fins for increased heat transfer. Medium temperature applications employ off-cycle defrosts using 220 volts fan motor. Low temperature applications employ hot gas OR electric defrost method using 220 volts fan motor heating element. All evaporator units are supplied with mounted TX valve, while the solenoid valve is shipped separately. Heat Load Calculations for product refrigeration in cold storage premises are set to the following engineering parameters:

  • Wall and infiltration gains are designed to ambient condition of 110 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Thickness of insulated panels (3 to 8 inches)
  • Height of cold storage premises (7 to 40 feet)
  • Length of the cold storage premises (6 feet to unlimited)
  • Width of the cold storage premises (6 to unlimited)
  • Other factors corresponding with the specific requirement of customer