Refrigerated Container Truck & Van

Koldware Industries (Pvt) Ltd. is the only company that will work with you on each step of the process to ensure you have the ideal refrigerated van and most comfortable working conditions for your personnel.

We provides the size ranges of the Container from 6ft to 40ft. Reefer transportation services are mainly used to handle perishable cargoes like meat, fruits and vegetables, with the advantage of minimizing decay, controlling ripening, and retaining food quality to the best possible condition for consumers, even after being transported long distances. Some chemical and pharmaceutical products are moved by reefer services to avoid decomposition or deterioration of the products which can take place during allweather-exposed transportation. For many cargoes, maintaining an appropriate ambient condition through proper operational handling is indispensable for every step of the supply chain – from packing, storing, loading, transporting, and unpacking, to delivery to the end consumer. Ocean reefer transportation is a key part of this supply chain, and modern technology.

allows us to control the temperature, humidity and even the air composition inside our containers for the entire voyage, ensuring safe and optimal transportation conditions for the products.

The most critical function of any reefer services is Temperature Controlling. It has the largest effect on the respiration of produce and bacterial growth. A temperature increase of 10°C will result in an approximate doubling of the respiration rate of fruit; while lowering the temperature will substantially reduce the growth rate of micro-organisms. However, an optimal temperature set point, which is commodity-specific, is needed as too low a temperature may also cause adverse effects like chill injury of fruits, meat texture changes, or crystallization of some chemical products. It should be noted that reefer equipment is designed to regulate temperature inside the container in relation to the cargo preloading condition, rather than removing heat absorbed by cargo before or during its loading. Hence, proper pre-treatment and pre-cooling of cargo, as well as proper handling in the appropriate ambient conditions during container loading and unloading, are crucial to maintain cargoes in the best possible condition.